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"But the eyes are blind. One must see with the heart... ".  We all know and love this quote taken from "The Little Prince" of the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Asma is a young woman from Bangladesh, a nation to the east of India. At the age of fourteen she suffered a severe acid attack in her face during a cold night near the river. She had refused to take the man who attacked her as a husband. Unfortunately, this is no isolated case, incidents like these occur rather frequently. These young women, often barely children themselves, are supported by the non-profit organization ASF, which assists them keeping their identity, although very often they have lost their face, their beauty, their carefree youth.


Monira Rahman, ASF and Asma im March 2006

Acid Survivors Foundation supports those young victims medically, psychologically and financially and does everything possible to prevent attacks of this kind. The organization has already achieved considerable successes, for example that offenders are legally brought to justice, but attacks still happen and ruin many lives. In spring 2006 Monira Rahman, the founder of ASF, was honored for her tremendous commitment and elected winner of the Amnesty International Prize for human rights.

Logibrand supports ASF and in particular young Asma, who has accepted her fate, studies hard and one day wants to become a teacher. She is an ambitious and optimistic young woman who radiates strength that motivates her fellow victims to go on in life. In case you would also like to support the victims and the ASF organization please contact your local Unicef or Amnesty International Organization or visit the homepage of ASF at www.acidsurvivors.org in Bangladesh directly. Thank you so much for your support!