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Democratic brand decisions. Brand leadership means democratic discussions but clear decisions. These are rarely reached through unanimous consent.


Focus on eliminating weaknesses instead of strengthening strengths. People are attracted to strengths not the absence of weakness.


Flirting with reduced pricing and price promotions is the way to ruin profitability and image.

4. Too much change namely, continuous changes in brand appearance consistency and continuity are the keys to success.
5. Defining brand management narrowly as a communication or corporate design task. The branding effort encompasses the whole company.

Creativity without empirical foundation chances are this creative idea is not as relevant to your customers as it should be.

7. Regard brand investment as costs.
8. Underestimating the importance of product design people are visual beings and design sells even in B2B.
9. Rushing branding brands are not built overnight, yet are ruined quickly by wrong decisions. Your organization needs time to adjust.
10. Focusing too much on brand appearance instead of brand substance. Neglecting brand substance is like not brushing your teeth in the long run it'll hurt.